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Welcome to FINALdayZ survivor. I began playing DayZ when it was released in 2012. I'd seen a YouTube video of a small group of survivors camping in a forest. This intrigued me to found out more. The moment I discovered it to be an online zombie apocalypse survival game I was hooked, I downloaded the game the same day and began playing.

Over time improvements were made to the game, including the Epoch MOD. This version of DayZ has allowed many thousands find their place in the post-apocalyptic landscapes and forge some form of settlement, society and unique culture. My own desire to exist in this world has driven me to produce this server for the DayZ community.

My mandate for the server was: To capture the essence of what has made DayZ so popular and to expand the features of Epoch whilst maintaining the core experience. So if you like survival, you should find all you need here. Best of luck, and...



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