High FPS Latest patch provides most efficient code.
Tow/Lift/Load Large helicopters can lift vehicles and load bicycles. Most vehicles can be towed.
Field Transfusions This carries a chance of infection.
Take Clothes Immersive version.
Cold/Dark Nights Temperatures drop nightly. At midnight a thick fog engulfs the land.
Fewer Vehicles Civilian vehicles.spawn. Military vehicles can be bought.
Musical Radio Music from the film: The Battery, can be played on the furniture radios. NEW
Persistent Vehicles All mission/spawn vehicles are permanent. NEW
Hidden Hardware High grade military/civilian vehicles spawn in key areas. NEW
Meltdown Cherno's Nuclear Powerplant goes critical. Explore to discover wasteland riches. NEW
Bio-Hazard Locate the infection Sector-C to acquire military grade munitions. NEW
Immersive Journal. No debug menu. Press INSERT. NEW
Free Skin Supplier A vast range of clothing for male and female avatars. NEW
Natural Remedy Harvest plants to create medical items. NEW
Interior Designer Add Functioning furniture to your base to make it a home. UPDATED
Zone Alpha Boss dungeon. Boss rewards. UPDATED
Kit Craft Source trash items to craft a survival kit. UPDATED
Hemp Farm Smoke shit. Kill pain. UPDATED
Weapon Craft Amend weapons with scopes, suppressors, camo and launchers. UPDATED
Air Drop Hack Satellite Phones to call vital air drops. UPDATED
Ai Recruitment Mercenary Ai trader. Protect yourself from Zeds/Bandits/Players. UPDATED
Best Friend The Mercenary post can provide a trained dog to assist you. NEW
Air Raid Regular bombardment of coastal cities. Seek refuge inland.
Evac Set an emergency extraction helicopter to pick you up in dire need. DISABLED
Extra Buildings Considered additions providing fresh opportunities.
Walk with the Dead Smear on zombie guts to fool the dead.
Booby Trap Bodies Set traps for unwary looters.
Arrest/Escort Heroes can detain criminals.
AEG Toggle the electrical powergrid.
Abandoned Bases To assist settlers.
Extra Traders New and improved Trader posts.
Anti-Hack ATP Anti-Hack providing a stable environment.
BattlEye Performance and behaviour monitoring ensuring a fair game.
Custom Ai Missions Spawning at intervals with valuable resources to secure. UPDATED
Raid Missions Burgle bases.
Ai Patrols Enemy Ai patrols secure the borders.
Companion Ai Recruit survivors to aid you.
Extended Weather More wind, rain and snow. UPDATED
Back-Up 30 day database roll-back stored automatically.
Tame Dogs Using Raw Meat, tame an untrained companion.
More Animals An emphasis on hunting and self sufficiency.
Hidden Vehicles Exploration may yield rewards.
Knock-Out The Crowbar knocks players unconscious.
Day/Night Cycle Ambient effects time dependent for an atmospheric experience.
Enhanced Bottles Collect clean rain water to quench thirst. UPDATED
Reduced Fogging A longer view distance for the sniper.
6 Hour Restarts Maintains performance whilst granting persistence.
Active Admins On regularly to provide maintenance.
Dance A bit of fun in these bleak times.
Bury Corpses Maintain humanity by respecting the dead. UPDATED
Refuel/Re-arm/Repair A central refuge for worn vehicles.